Photo Page/The Sixth House Cave 1:24 Scale

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What terrors await the wary adventurer when you open the doors to these caves for the very first time.



This piece is actually modular.  I can rearrange it into any configuration I want.  Close to the water...away from it, or move the cave piece to any type of terrain I want from swampy to Ashlands.

It was actually the very first Morrowind terrain piece I created.  The base was a FormTech cave piece made for 1/72 Scale (25 mm) figures.  I worked out the cave entrance, since Morrowind has a very distinctive type of cave entrance, from various pieces from other horror and fantasy larger figure backdrops.  The overall look I am very pleased with.

The singular cave piece.
I can place this cave piece in any setting to recreate places from the game.

A closer look at the Corprus infected Dunmer.

The Nord Warrior sports an Oblivion styled glass bow in 1:24 scale.