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Welcome to Diorama Rabbit.  Here, I invite you to explore the various diorama and architectural imaginings I have done over the years, inculding works in progress. 
I began interest in dioramas as early as kindergarten, back in my old Public school P.S 214K  To me, there was something interesting in trying to make a slice of a small world, in a common shoe box.  Years later, it would broaden into a love and appreciation for architecture, history, theatre arts, and museum diorama.  Ironically, none of which was open to me during my artistic and working career.
My first adult foray into such things which is comically referred to as "scrapbooking for men", began with my perpetual love for toys.  The realization that I have always imagined adventures for my toys, whether they were an inch high Robin Hood, or a foot high G.I.JOE.  Having an artistic background and education, my play as a child and imaginings as an adult were fueled with the ability to turn household discard and old boxes, into visual and functional sets for my figures.  No longer was I limited to a living room couch or bunk underbed for a cave; the family library for a mountain pass, or the windowsill plants for a jungle.  I set out to fashion with my talents all manner of architectural and environmental terrain, to bring my adventures to life.
Luckily for me, the world of Fantasy Adventure and Historical Gaming gave rise to numerous and unbelievable opportunities to hone and explore my creative endeavors.  Even though I was not technically a "gamer", I have created worlds and environs for those that are, because for me it was very easy and interesting to flesh out a facet of one's imagination, or a slice of history.
The Fantasy and Historical gaming experience aside, there was also the most wonderful and interesting exposure through toy customization, and the great community of those that have redefined the diorama with what is an entirely new word and creation, the "diostory".  No longer the static definition of miniatures set against a painted background with a modicum of terrain, these new pioneers are creating visual novellas.  Poignant stories, and in some cases, award winning animation to delight and entertain both web and film audiences.  Some do so in a visual comic book format, others, through the time proven art of stop motion animation.  All, with elaborately creative sets, industry worthy special effects, and stories truly worthy of public reading, have created an entirely new genre, if you will.  They have created or redefined histories, canon, and fantasy, in an incredibly detailed visual way.  I am honored and humbled to have been included and a part of that, and hope to continue.

I thank you for visiting Diorama Rabbit, and hope you enjoy the site.  For the curious, the reason it is "Rabbit" is purely nonsensical.  It was a birth nickname reinforced by a peculiar nasal muscle dexterity.


The Room at Paranor.
Property of my good friend, Rob.

Inspiration:  My good friend Rob and I share a great love for the works of Terry Brooks' Shannara works.  The works are filled with so much imagery that many an artist have fleshed out all manner from the works.  For Rob, it was making actual figures in homage to the many characters one can easily find attachment to.  For me, it was bringing to reality the worlds, homes, and environs in miniature. 

Premade Castle from Hudson and Allen Studios.
The base was a discarded Dept 56 snowbank I customized for all seasons.

Please get in touch with me if I can help flesh out your ideas at:
Diorama rabbit@aol.com.

"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.