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Coming Later! - Dandowin's Tales
Coming Later! - Dandowin's Tales
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Dandowin.  He was a prisoner.  He was an archer.  Friend to Men and Mer, Elf and Dwarf, Fell and Fair.  See his rise from exile to Nerevarine, from bane to the last hope for the lands affected by the Dragons and those who would control them.
When I first created Dandowin, he was my first character to enter the lands of Tamriel in the RPG game Morrowind.  Instead of grabbing the game in any sense of linear fashion, I took full advantage of its non-linear style and had him experience life, as I have, with few coin in my pocket and my nose pointed to the next interesting smell of adventure.  In time, and through the many exceptional mods made by the Morrowind community, Dandowin evolved from simple immersive escapism, to a full creative craft, in both written and tactile fashion.
In his continuing stories, I hope to offer a truly visual feast of his trials and tribulations, his accolades and aggrandizement, in the diorama craft to which I am known. 
     Borrowing heavily from the universes of both the Dungeons and Dragons mythologies, as well as those from Morrowind and some from my own imagination, there will be artistic challenges set for myself to invite you into a world where disbelief is not only suspended, but set on its ear.
Until then, the drawing board and workbench beckon.
cheers,  Eric


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"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.