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I love to get mail!
Oh, that's a given, especially snail mail, which sadly like other things, has become transitory.
That said, I love to exchange artistic visions, or accept within reason, artistic ideas to challenge my craft.  I am hoping to publish a "How-To" of what I do purely because as time reinforces some of my disabilities, I hope that others may be inspired to carry on the works. 
In our community, I am often contacted as to how I achieve certain effects, or results.  I have never minded sharing because it is my nature, and the nature of art.  But there have been those that have "picked my brain" as the saying goes, and have gone on to purport that the techniques they used and applied, originated with them.  That is both angering and sad, because it closes the door to artistic trust, and alters the opportunities for the truly inquisitive and artistic who want to experience the medium. 

The Dangers of Sharing Art out in the Open.
Just a cartoon I did about 15 years ago.

Just a little note about life in general.
I have been doing this for more than half my life, and a great deal of it for the simple pleasure of it.  It is no secret that the addage of the "Starving Artist" is often based on some pretty mean real experiences.  As one of them, in a community of many I am sure, this site as well as my works will be shared until life doesn't permit it anymore.   A great many of the commissions I have done, and for those of the popular toy fan related figure sites out there, have garnered monies that in all honesty have enabled my spouse and I to have healthcare, or dental care.  Some of what I may show, doesn't exist anymore, or may be in the possession of others who have graciously bought my craft for their own appreciation, or to most generously "help us out".  To them, I offer my most humble thanks.
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"Let the writers write, let the painters paint."

Believe it or not, this was an ACTUAL COOKIE. Too wild.

"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.