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Work in progress.  Have some link hunting to do.

www.joecustoms.com - There are customizing sites, and then there is JoeCustom's. Originally the Bivouac when it was in the arms of Camper, then evolved and grown through the many year care of Beav, now the scion of Pluv(even with a dash of occasional Beav), it still remains one of the driving forces of the GIJOE customizing community.

www.checkpointalpha.com - Two of the largest and greatest creative forces in the customizing community dwell here, Camper and Spin Doctor (Dan and Ray) offering what amounts to the truly belief suspending stories that make you checking the screen in clinical fashion to make sure these are still toys. Spin Doctor's use of customizing genius in his hand gestures married to gutsy and enthralling stories, will have you doubting whether these are toys, or actors. A feast! Camper, the former owner of the Bivouac as well as the founding icon of JoeCustoms's fame right up there with Beav, is the only reason I was able to offer images as well as creativity, in the diorama arena.

www.zedsjoesite.com - Long before the popularity of all the TV related humorous and interesting crafts involving toys, Zed's diostories and Toxie's 1:18 Town were entertaining and delighting the customizer and appreciator of toys alike. Probably the hardest working Jack-of-all-Trades Dads out there, like Rob, Phil, John, and Justin, he is a creative machine.

www.generalsjoes.com - Justin was the first to my exposure to not only write, but convey in diorama fashion a series of stories that are award worthy. Long time friend and an icon in the GIJOE community, few come to the realm of customs without hearing of GeneralsJoes.

keenansshrunkentreasures - While no longer in the scultping and crafting arena, John is still the number one, I repeat, number ONE guy to float any and all survival horror ideas personified in plastic by. Were it not for him, my Resident Evil: Maelstrom and even the customs themselves would never have been possible. Enjoy his End-of Days Universe, as well as his customs of the Survival Horror genre!

marauderinc.com - a byword in the realm of customization. John and company have revolutionized the entire customizing field by providing not only fan favorites of weapons and accessories, but also elicits the thoughts and idea of his fanbase when approaching the next rounds! If only all toy related creators were as open!

Wowboy's World - Phil puts the full experience of both belief suspending customs, and enthralling drama into his dio-stories. A visual feast that never fails.

Tri-Gate Creations - Tri-Gate Creations is the vision of what toy designing should have been. They not only produce truly outstanding sculpts and accessories, their forum, with its focal point of the 3060 Universe, is where imagination is not only encouraged, but exemplified.

Doc Rob's Customs - Rob is hands down, a fantasy and sci-fi creative machine. As well as a writer, photographer, urban explorer, and all around great friend. Shannara customs, Thera-verse customs, fantasy as well as science fiction and military customs from a dynamo who in one year alone, had almost 200 customs created and realized!

"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.