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What do you do when the Dremora guard the entrance?

From the very minute I saw these in the game, I knew I wanted to build one.  The crazy angles, the odd markings, the spires and crescents just scream with creativity.  They are my favorite (and I daresay most creepy) places to visit in the game.

A small Daedric Shrine configuration.

The Daedric Shrine was something that I had long wanted to build, since I first crafted (repurposed) some 1:24 scale Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons miniatures into Morrowind personalities(See Below).  It was a labor of love playing the game, walking my character slowly throughout the ruins with a sketchpad on my lap taking artistic notes.

While the configuration does not denote a specific Morrowind location, it does possess I think some of the more memorable features that the shrines have.  I wanted to also create the large tower with its requisite spires, but there just isn't enough room in this rather small apartment.  Our space, dictated this space.


The 1:24 Scale Morrowind Customs
Shareel(MCA), Redguard (F), Dagoth Ur, Breton (F), Dagoth Vemyn, Corprus stalker, Nord (M), Dremora

Even though I made this for 1:24 scale figures, it works for 1:18 backdrops!

Construction Photos
There was quite a bit of foam cutting, carving, and detailing, and I always fear that I am pushing it because of Florida heat, humidity, and lack of good winds.

Foam Pieces in Various Stages.
Three types of styrofoam were used: Soft cell, hard microcell, and Dyalite.