Photo Page/The Dunmer Temple 1:18 Scale
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This is currently still a "Work in Progress", because I am debating whether to build just the shrine room, or the entire temple complex.

What I originally had in mind was one of those 'satellite' Dunmer shrines like the kind you see in Tel Vos.  Just a banner, ashpit, and a priest.  But then I got to thinking how visually interesting it would be to make a shrine, or at least the shrine room, where Nerevar's shrine was stationed.  Since my photo-novel takes place after the fall of Dagoth Ur (much like my fan-based novel) I imagined his shrine would be literally littered with flowers, tokens, gifts, and all manner of offerings in homage to the Nerevarine.  So until I work out the logistics of the scenes, I will just have to wait a bit longer to realize this piece. 

The work in progress, and the image that inspired.
The satellite shrine or the whole temple?? What to do??

Shrine to Saint Nerevar 1:18 Scale
The various stages to final creation. Block of Dyalite(tm) foam used.