A Wealth of Inspiration and other Musings.

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How one game spawned so many creative ideas:

Like any artist, I have been inspired to create things that have moved me in some way before. Whether a picture was drawn from imagery gotten during a song, or a set of figures from a movie, there is no telling what will be created from that initial spark.  I've made necklaces from Mononoke Hime(Princess Mononoke) to historical portraits of the Pirate Queen Granuaile Grace O'Malley.  It (the creativity) is purely at the whim of what inspires.

With Morrowind, and the other Elder Scrolls games, for some reason it was an explosion of ideas one after the other.  Many of them, were directly influenced by mods made for the games.  Others, were the want of creating something tactile from the digital representations in game.  From this game, mods, and series, I have found myself filling hours with writing a full novel based on mod characters, to creating personalities and creatures in plastic.  Also, wishing to further my character Dandowin's adventures in a "photo-novel" format, to putting images and scenes on my clothing much like we used to do back in art school decades ago.

With other chapters of these games coming in the future, I must admit I am very excited to see what other artistic ideas are spawned.





To Quote Galadriel from Bakshi's rendition of The Lord of the Rings: "Things that were, things that are, and things that yet may be".

                                                                     ~ Eirik ~



An Elder Scrolls Fan Based Novel
Read the adventures of Dandowin, in this near 400 page novel.

Set over a year after the fall of Dagoth Ur, and coinciding with the events mentioned in the streets of Cyrodiil in Oblivion, follow the life and adventures of Dandowin, as he tries to settle down to life as the Castle Master of Lokken.
Inspired by the characters of modding greats Emma and Grumpy, Korana, Neoptolemus, and the LGNPC Team.  With many creative notable nods to many modders for their imaginative items or personalities, as well as established in-game NPCS.  Hosted in a very 'easy to read' font.

*****COMING SOON*****
A Photo-Novel of the life of Dandowin Nerevarine