Photo Page/The Ashlander Yurt 1:18 Scale

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If I had more money than imagination, I would love to build one of these in a backyard, that is, if we owned a home.  From the first time I came across one in the game, I knew I wanted my character to own one, let alone myself. 
Thankfully, the great modding community came up with several options and styles for our characters to enjoy.
What inspired this single attempt was the wonderful yet simple companion mod by Baratheon79 "Companion Arya".  While I photographed it with my Dunmer customs, my little Bosmer custom whom I named after their mod, is the proud owner.
Structurally this one had to be built differently, because I wanted to do the interior as well.  So I made it where the roof part is removable.  Also, since I did not have an alternative(which I may change some time down the road..)to using wooden dowels for the external tent poles, the poles are much higher than they should be.  Unavoidable really, as even wetting them would not produce the needed degree of bend I preferred.

A Cliff Racer's Eye View of the Ashlander Yurt

The Inside of the Yurt is Functional!
As you can see, little Arya enjoys the 1:18 Scale hammock.


An Ashlander Yurt with the top removed.

The Yurt is fully detailed with many features.
There is a hammock, bedroll, crates, urns, pots, firepit, small table with Kwama eggs, apples, etc.

A Few Work-In-Progress images before it was done..
After I had finished with the multiple sketches, I started with the foundation building.

The various stages of creation, and also those unforseen hazards that can happen.  Where the red arrow is pointing is where the outer door Yurt pole had moved a few cm from the place I had it originally.  It was when the sides were being fit that it moved out of place and could not be set back.  So when it was done, I recreated another of those "frying pans" that they show in the game and placed it in the rope that was slack.  It seemed to make up for the faux pas.