Photo Page/A small piece of a Redoran Town 1:24 Scale

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The Elder Scrolls games displays some of the most unique architecture I have ever seen in a fantasy world.  From the crabshell-like domiciles of the Redoran style, to the pyramid shaped cantons of the great Vivec city, each building is a visual feast.  Here, in this small diorama, I wanted to recapture the wonder of the Redoran style.
Originally I had three large foam globes to turn into separate domiciles.  But like everything else, I was at the mercy of things far out of my control.  One sphere was needed to make a fountain in a friend's diorama, and the other one exploded when I started carving it.  Apparently, it had not cured fully, and I hit an air pocket in the foam and literally hundreds of tiny styrofoam pellets fell to the floor.
So all I was left with was the one, and well, here it is.


A Cliff Racer's Eye View of the Diorama.

With some 1:24 Scale figures.
Just who summoned the Dremora??


A Closer Look at the Details.
The urns and pottery were made by carving old wine corks.

A Closer Look at the Details.
The Redoran domiciles have various types of signposts. I opted for this style.

Early Construction Images: