New! Skyrim Custom Action Figures and Dioramas

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It had to happen, and it only took one hour of playing Skyrim before I put my Oblivion customs on the side and dove right in.  We were playing it on the Playstation 3 with trepidation, not knowing what to expect.  Me on the ottoman with a sketchbook, just in case there would be some inspiration.
It did not take long at all. 
Before I knew it, I was canvassing my existing action figure fodder, and checking the offerings of my friend Dave who runs a custom head and body part casting service who has an incredible talent pool.  The heads to make these figures a reality come from him and his staff, and though they were just generic Elves and warriors, I must admit, they completed the work.
I hope all enjoy my humble offerings inspired by Bethesda's newest great achievement, Skyrim. ~ Eric

A Skyrim Dandowin, my alter-ego based on my look when I was in my 30's.

The classic Dragonborn image from the media made tactile.


Confronting my custom take on a Dragonlord.

A closer look at the Dragonlord custom.

Where would my customs be without the women of Skyrim?  Like Morrowind and Oblivion before it, there are some very interesting women in the game.  Taking a bit of a "Frankenstein" approach, I took the facets of one of the great Dunmer women (who I just love in all the series, even the dangerous ones..) and paired it with one of the most interesting light armor choices in the game, for a frozen land.  Hope she pleased all as much as she pleased in making her.  The details were important for me to get just right.

When I found the Schleich Tinker Stallion, I knew this shot had to be done.



A fuller picture of the Dunmer gal riding.

There is much more planned down the line...Forsworn women warriors, Bosmeri archers, and even a few Drauger when the heads and bodies are casted.  Skyrim blew my thought bubbles right out of my head and down to my art table.  I will also have some custom terrain to sculpt and of course, the creation of some of the notable weapons, artifacts, and creatures.
I hope you enjoyed this early sampling, and remember that all of these creations are only 4 inches and under in size (10 CM for my friends across the seas). 
Never stop dreaming. ~ Eric