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Because it was only a Matter of Time...


Finally got around to being able to enjoy the next chapter from Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.  Needless to say, there, as with Morrowind before it, I found tons of inspiration that I wanted to flesh out in a tactile fashion in my simple way. 
I hope you will enjoy these works as I create them.  The games are wonderful, and I can only hope to do their creatures and peoples justice.  ~ Eric 



When I first came upon the Spriggan in Oblivion, it was inevitable that I would want to create one.  From first otherworldly giggle to that incredibly seductive walk of theirs, I knew that this would be a wonderful challenge, as there is practically nothing in the action figure and customizing community that I could use for fodder to make her a reality.  Or so I thought.
So like any Doctor Frankenstein of Fun, I started from her body up, saving the head for last. 
     I started with a Marvel Universe gal body, and textured her all over with my woodburner to achieve her bark-like skin.  I used one of the male figures for her feet, and cut them to represent her three toed self.  A good friend of mine and fellow customizing "rock star" John had supplied me with a great base head, and I started to check my "bitz" pile for plastic branches for her head. These I actually found by trimming off branches from the McFarlane Jack Frost larger fantasy figure(essentially some huge frost and ice elemental). Found the perfect hair from another Marvel Universe gal and her signature talons I had taken from a MageKnight Elemental miniature. 
After priming and painting, I decided to give her some textural flock from the Woodland Scenics line of products.  Overall, I was very pleased with her, but it wasn't until I saw one cast a bear defensive companion that I knew I needed the bear.  Thankfully, the Safari line of children's nature toys provided the absolutely perfect black bear for her.

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