NEW! - The Snowy Lands of Solstheim, Lokken, and Skyrim 1:24 and 1:18 Scale

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I actually did indeed get around to making 4 inch figures of my favorite characters from the great Morrowind mod of Emma and Grumpy, "The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain" which spawned two full length novels from me.  There is no denying that the personalites created by the Lady Emma and the late Grumpy, as well as the great MCA modder Neoptolemus resonated so much with me I dare say it borders on obsessive.  Be that as it may, there are worse things in life to become attached to, and for my humble part, I tried to do the entire family of Wulfgar the White and Dandowin the Nerevarine justice in plastic.  Below are just a few shots of them as they await my building their Lokken homes and lands.

A Lokken Snowy Day
From L to R: Solveig, Sigrid with infant Agna, and wee Lena.

The great snowy backdrop diorama was a gift from my great friend Doc Rob, which was the perfect foundation for these customs.  Little Agna, the infant in Sigrid's arms, is the child from the main character, Laurenna of Lokken and Dandowin Nerevarine (my player character).  You can find her entire unborn life to birth in my fan based novel: "Heir to the Lokken Kingdom."

A better look at young Solveig, who figures prominently in my novels.

The Full Inspiration
My Morrowind Lokken Family

For the photonovel (what we call a "diostory" ) about Dandowin's life before coming to Lokken, I wanted to create his different looks for his scenes.  This one, wearing the signature Solstheim fur leggings/pants would work for both his pre-Morrowind life as well as relaxing about Lokken castle.  Since he is somewhat based on my own past experiences, mannerisms, and talents (archer/fencer), getting my own action figure head sculpt(to be shown much later) in this toy scale was a dream come true.  Immersion brings these stories to life, whether I am playing the game, writing the books, or creating the diostory.

The Player Character given form.
Prior to getting my own head sculpt, a Dandowin facsimile worked fine.